Q:  Why is Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield still ranked in the Top 10 knowing that he he had his Captain status stripped from him for this game and will not start?

A:  It would be surprising to see Baker Mayfield bench for more than one or two possessions.  Would coaches compromise a team goal (CFP) because of one player's action, which was completely unecessary, but was fueled by emotion in a competitive spirit.  It wasn't like he was busted for drugs, DUI, caught stealing, or was involved in a domestic dispute.  Sometimes, embarassment is the best form of punishment, which makes the announcement of Mayfield losing his Captain status and not starting the game enough.  Also, think about what a Heisman Trophy does for recruiting, not just for the school, but for Head Coach Lincoln Riley.  I don't think he would do anything drastic enough to jeopardize Mayfield's chances of winner the award.  Now, it probably doesn't matter if we ranked Mayfield No. 1 or No. 10 because you are probably starting him anyway unless you have another QB2 or QB3 ranked in the Top 15.

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