Emergency Starters—Week 14
If you play in a deep league and have matchup dilemmas, take a look at these Week 14 Emergency Starters. This list consists of players that may be available in your league’s waiver pool and can provide a one-week boost based on their respective matchup.   


Joe DiSalvo (@theCFFsite)
Neal Burcham, SMU @ HOU
Blake Bortles, UCF @ USF
Joe Southwick, Boise State v NM
Adam Sculz, Utah v COL


Running Backs
Terry Baggett, Army @ HAW
Beau Blankenship, Ohio v MASS
Thomas Tyner, Oregon v OSU
Chris Nwoke, COSt v AF
DJ Foster, ASU v ARI


Dom Williams, WSU @ WASH
Steve Hull, ILL v NW
Dezmon Epps, ID @ NMSt
Rashon Ceaser, LAM @ LA
Austin Franklin, NMSt v ID


to theCFFsite for start/bench advice 
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