What are the odds? 
In the world of fantasy football, some team owners are relentless in their search for information that will give them a competitive edge over their competition.  Others just simply rely on projections from so-called experts, who try to convince everyone they have devised a computer program that accurately projects player stats by using a scientific formula so complicated that it makes the Drake equation seem elementary.  Eventually, those computer-driven computations prove no more accurate than a humanistic innate ability.  However, in a quest to find a formula for fantasy success, one should just ask the question, “What are the odds?”

Quite simply, Vegas odds could give you all of the necessary insight to make smart roster decisions on a week-to-week basis.  In this weekly article, theCFFsite considers the point spreads and totals(over/under) in order to give our readers a unique perspective into some of the week’s most interesting fantasy matchups. 

Week 5
Best Fantasy Matchups (Games with the most fantasy potential)
Maryland at Indiana
Line:  Indiana -4.5 (O/U-69.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  Indiana 37-33
Best plays:
Indiana (QB-Nate Sudfeld, RB-Tevin Coleman, WR-Shane Wynn)
Maryland (QB-CJ Brown)
Also consider:
Indiana (RB-D’Angelo Roberts, WR-J-Shun Harris II)
Maryland (WR-Stefon Diggs, K-Brad Craddock)


Middle Tennessee at Old Dominion
Line:  Old Dominion -3 (O/U-67)
Projected score based on point spread:  Old Dominion 35-32
Best plays:
Middle Tennessee (WR-Marcus Henry)
Old Dominion (QB-Taylor Heinicke, WR-Zach Pascal, WR-Antonio Vaughan)
Also consider:
Middle Tennessee (QB-Austin Grammer, RB-Reggie Whatley)
Old Dominion (RB-Gerard Johnson)


Western Kentucky at Navy
Line:  Navy -7 (O/U-68.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  Navy 38-31
Best plays:
Western Kentucky (QB-Brandon Doughty, RB-Leon Allen, TE-Mitchell Henry)
Navy (QB-Keenan Reynolds)
Also consider:
Western Kentucky (WR-Jared Dangerfield, K-Garrett Schwettman)
Navy (FB-Noah Copeland)


Fresno State at New Mexico
Line:  Fresno State -5.5 (O/U-73)
Projected score based on point spread:  Fresno State 39-34
Best plays:
Fresno State (RB-Marteze Waller, WR-Josh Harper)
New Mexico (RB-Crusoe Gongbay)
Also consider:
Fresno State (QB-Brian Burrell, RB-Josh Quezada)
New Mexico (RB-Teriyon Gipson, RB-Jhurell Pressley)


One-Sided Matchups (Using the odds to find a dominating ‘D’)
Wyoming at Michigan State
Line:  Michigan State -31 (O/U-47.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  Michigan State 39-8
Stay away from:
Wyoming (RB-Shaun Wick, RB-DJ May)


South Florida at Wisconsin
Line:  Wisconsin -33.5 (O/U-50)
Projected score based on point spread:  Wisconsin 42-8
Stay away from:
South Florida (RB-Marlon Mack)


Kent State at Virginia
Line:  Virginia -27 (O/U-44.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  Virginia 36-9
Stay away from:
Kent State (QB-Colin Reardon)


New Mexico State at LSU
Line:  LSU -43 (O/U-54.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  LSU 49-6
Stay away from:
New Mexico State (QB-Tyler Rogers, RB-Larry Rose, RB-Xavier Hall)


Line:  TCU -32 (O/U-49.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  TCU 41-9
Stay away from:
SMU (RB-Kevin Pope, WR-Der’rikk Thompson)


Must Watch Games (The games with the biggest headlines)
UCLA at Arizona State
Line:  UCLA -4.5 (O/U-59.5)
Projected score based on point spread:  UCLA 32-28
Best fantasy plays:
UCLA (RB-Paul Perkins, WR-Jordan Payton)
Arizona State (RB-DJ Foster, WR-Jaelen Strong)
theCFFsite projects:  Arizona State 31-24


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